Managing capital requires expertise and experience. But it mainly requires commitment. Being flexible and available. Working with energy and conviction to recognise change before it happens. Putting strategies into play, and exceeding your expectations. Being accountable. Delivering results.
This is how we meet your standards.



From words to deeds, we focus on the path of clarity and objectivity. In our relationship with you, this pragmatism is characterised by one-on-one access at all levels of the organisation.


Our performance is driven by the skills and experience of the men and women around us. By their intelligence. And by their constant quest for excellence.


Our absolute independence is the hallmark of our business. This fosters an alignment of interests that guide our commitment on a daily basis in managing your assets.


Our management and investment company is a subsidiary of the Swiss private bank Pâris Bertrand, and has been based in Luxembourg since 2015. The shareholders of Pâris Bertrand (Europe) are exclusively its founding partners and Banque Pâris Bertrand. We unanimously share the same vision and values: to restore to the management and investment professions all the flexibility, independence and transparency that you are entitled to expect from your financial partner by adhering to a corporate culture able to offer innovative solutions in line with your objectives and interests.

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And distinctions

Chosen top fund manager
Chosen as the « Best Private Bank – Client Service »
Switzerland Awards 2018 revealed : "Outstanding Boutique Private Bank in Switzerland"
Chosen top fund manager
Nominated as one of the top-performing Swiss private banks in 2017
Chosen as the Institutional Clients Private Bank of The Year - Switzerland 2017
Chosen top Swiss private bank
Nominated as one of the top-performing Swiss private banks in 2016
Chosen as the second-best private bank in Europe