Discretionary management. Investment advisory. Private Equity. We assist retail investors, entrepreneurs, family offices and institutions worldwide in their search for tailored solutions as part of a relationship based on trust and proximity.

Wealth Management
is our only business

Pâris Bertrand (Europe)’s wealth management, asset management and private equity managers and experts provide their services in Luxembourg as well as in the countries of the whole European Union. Having boots on the ground in the euro zone’s top private banking centre, which is also one of world’s most important investment hubs, ensures that you have access to broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of the challenges involved in managing an international fortune.

These advantages, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of Pâris Bertrand (Europe)’s partners, render it a a reference partner for all those who seek excellence in service, independence in their advice and remuneration transparency.


Pâris Bertrand (Europe) is an independent wealth manager certified by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), and a subsidiary of Banque Pâris Bertrand, which was founded in Geneva in 2009.

Our values

Special access
to a multitude
of capabilities

Pâris Bertrand (Europe) offers you special access to a vast network of skills and specialists who are among the very best in their fields (renowned banks, large insurance companies, legal and tax advisory). Taken as a whole, the partnerships that we have patiently built up over time allow us to advise you in all aspects of your wealth, whether you live in Luxembourg, elsewhere in the European Union, or Switzerland.


Assets under management

CHF 1.7B

Assets are managed by the investment team based on a systematic approach in all asset classes.

Our robust growth


The average annualised increase in our assets under management from 2009 to 2019 reflects unprecedented growth in the bank’s various business lines.

The time we take for our clients


We deliberately limit the size of our managers’ client portfolios to guarantee tailored services and advisory in each of our business relationships. In fact, we have the lowest number of clients per banker in the banking industry.


Our sole shareholders are the founding partners of Pâris Bertrand (Europe), along with Banque Pâris Bertrand. Our ownership model is your guarantee of first-rate financial solidity and stability. It gives you the assurance of always benefiting from investment solutions aligned with your interests. Our commitment depends both on the success of your business and that of our institution. It ensures that you will always be offered investment solutions that are aligned with your interests of your investments as we are to the success of our own establishment. This advantage is enhanced further by our managers’ entrepreneurial spirit and financial participation within our set-up. Our independence also gives us considerable latitude for meeting your standards by focusing on what’s most important, without having to worry about pressure from outside shareholders.

Our team