We chose to set up as an investment company so that we could focus on what we do best: wealth management. Our clients can choose a depository bank or allow us to choose one from among our partners. This avails them of the security of a solid bank and all traditional banking services at special rates.

We are on the ground in Luxembourg to offer our clients special access to the entire European market. Luxembourg also possesses many advantages, such as respect for privacy, a high level of security for persons and property, legislative and regulatory stability, and constant concertation between business and political leaders. Luxembourg is also the euro zone’s top private banking centre and the world’s second largest market for investment funds.

We did not wait for the entry into force of MiFID II to offer transparent pricing for our services. You are charged only for management fees and no ancillary fees. We also forego any form of profit-sharing, on both the financial products in which we invest and the wealth planning assignments that we entrust to our outside experts. If we do receive retrocessions, from SICAV funds, for example, we pledge to pass them on in full to our clients in order to forestall any conflict of interests.

Our services may be offered throughout the European Union, under the free provision of services. We now assist our clients in Luxembourg, but their portfolio may also be deposited in their country of residence. We currently maintain special partnerships with banks in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Our experience has shown that stability in the relationship between a client and an advisor is essential. That’s why at Pâris Bertrand (Europe) you have a dedicated advisor who is at your side whatever happens. Each of our advisors possesses extensive experience in private banking, asset management and wealth advisory. They are therefore able to understand and address your needs.

True, Banque Pâris Bertrand is our main shareholder. We pool some services, such as financial research and analysis, but we remain independent in asset management. We select assets on a qualitative basis. Banque Pâris Bertrand’s funds are subject to the same selection criteria and are chosen only if their performance stands out from competing funds. Banque Pâris Bertrand’s role as a shareholder is a guarantee of stability for our clients, as it is acknowledged as one of the market’s most solid private banks.