Expertise. Rigour. One-on-one access to our specialists and to our partners. Our investment experts’ sole objective is to create value.


The flexibility and proximity of a personalised relationship

Because growth in a fortune is closely intertwined with the story of a life, Pâris Bertrand (Europe) offers you the essence of what constitutes a trust-based, long-term relationship – a comprehensive and tailored approach to your wealth situation, a one-on-one relationship, and a precise understanding of your challenges.

Whether you decide to entrust us with all your assets or you prefer to make the investment decisions yourself, we ensure that you have total flexibility, constant input into all decision-making processes, and absolute objectivity in choosing and implementing solutions. You also have access to investment opportunities via private placements.

Discretionary management

By focusing on just a few clients, Pâris Bertrand (Europe) has sought to put wealth management back on the path that constitutes its strength and values.


A choice of business models that allows us first and foremost to implement a discretionary management tailored to your objectives. In so doing, our team strives to implement a risk-management process, and a robust process for selecting financial products that safeguard and grow your wealth on a sustainable basis, whether it is of private, family, institutional or your own business. We prefer a multi-asset class approach based on an open architecture, and a global geographical exposure, all guided by active, disciplined and proactive investment management. We are independent in our investment proposals and transparent in our remuneration and receive no retrocessions or distribution commissions. Moreover, you are free to deposit your portfolio at the bank of your choosing.


  • Discretionary management mandates
  • Portfolio consolidation
  • Wealth planning
  • Lombard credit

Investment advisory

Do you master the complex world of investments but wish to compare your views with those of a specialist before making investment decisions and taking up investment opportunities? In availing yourself of the investment advisory services of Pâris Bertrand (Europe), you can count on first-rate expertise to guide your strategies and optimise the management of your portfolio by adding a risk management component. This way, you can share your opinions on all asset classes, thanks to one-on-one access to our experts and analyses. This is a flexible and responsive solution that allows you to continue to manage your portfolio and make your investment decisions yourself.


  • Investment advisory
  • Financial research and analysis
  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Portfolio construction
  • Tactical investment solutions
  • Strategic analysis of performances

Private equity

With the backing of specialised private equity teams, we offer you a unique opportunity to take part in economic growth on private markets. In this way, you will bestow a strategic direction to your wealth through exclusive access to products and private placements on primary and secondary markets that support the development of companies or the promising ideas of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Private placements. Co-investments. A fund-based approach. Our investment solutions are, by nature, reserved for a very small number of investors and will help you diversify your strategies intelligently. This is an exclusive service backed by the Groupe Pâris Bertrand network and with the skills of its special private equity partners, Hermance Capital Partners ( and Investcorp (


  • Direct private equity investments
  • Private placements and coinvestments
  • Modular portfolio construction via funds of funds
  • Special access to specialised managers and funds
  • Proprietary funds