A sense of service and a culture of performance. These are the two bedrock principles that our values are based on. A state of mind, which guides our actions and decision-making process on a daily basis.


  • Our primary concern is to give you our time and to be available to you at any time, at any level of the company.
  • We are proactive and creative in all our relationships.
  • Seeking out excellence wherever it can be found is how we meet your high standards.


  • As a young bank, but one that possesses extensive collective experience, we are not burdened by historical baggage. We draw on the best of the past to build the future.
  • Each of us is fully accountable for his/her clients, as we are each aware that the sum is greater than its parts and because this enhances overall performance.


  • We design financial solutions for you that are realistic and efficient.
  • Our flexible set-up allows us to make decisions rapidly and efficiently.
  • We have chosen to retain our human scale so we can stay nimble and safeguard our freedom to act on the basis of our convictions.


  • We invest alongside you in the solutions that we offer you. The interests of the bank and our partners are thus fully aligned with your interests.
  • We work fully independently and flexibly and are not subject to any pressures from outside parties.
  • We have no financial intermediation or investment banking activities, in order to forestall any conflicts of interests.